Sunday, June 28, 2015

Star footballer medical examination!

In the new video at, star footballer Jack must stand fully naked in front of the club's directors while they survey his body and genitals. They openly discuss how his cock compares to his teammates and how heavy his testicles are. Standing so objectified and hyper-aware of his body, Jack's dick responds and he grows an erection. It's fascinating how this sporty stud's cock twitches when his arsehole is stimulated. They find it's best to get an expert in to give him a full and very thorough medical.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Naked at the boxing club!

In the new video at the gym is filled with boxers in training who are all seeking to be the best. They'll do anything to get an edge on their competition. So when Kirsty suggests he try training in the buff Adem is ready to comply. This hard man is prepared to face a tough-as-hell opponent in the ring. So getting naked before this confident female reporter and a gym full of his buddies doesn't scare him if it means he stands a better chance at winning.

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