Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blue-eyed bricklayer Isakas naked casting!

Blue-eyed strapping young hetero Isakas is the type of square cut man we relish getting into TheCastingRoom so he can be rendered totally exposed. He’s a bricklayer who spends his weekend playing football with his buddies. This is exactly the sort of untouchable man we’ve lusted after seeing him on building site but never ever had access to. But here he’s ordered to bend over, spread his bum cheeks and jerk off on command. This is why this site is necessary public service. Also, we love the thrill!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Frat brother gang bang!

Me and the boys were watching some chicks wrestling on TV and having some beers but it got lame and since frat brother Tyler was here I decided to make him suck my cock. And even though he whines like a bitch when we do it, I know he fuckin loves it, so we taped his mouth and hands and took turns slamming his hole. We all blew a load and we still got to watch the match lol.

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