Sunday, April 24, 2016

Australian gym instructor Hunter rooftop show off!

One of the most handsome of Aussies that I met up during our summer is this straight gym instructor Hunter Jones. I spoke with him a few times before he eventually agreed to come and model for me. And I'm really glad he did. 25 year old Hunter thought the whole idea of getting naked on my inner city rooftop was really funny. He would glance around at the high rise buildings around us a few times wondering if anyone would be watching. But once he was completely naked he was totally comfortable. It was a very hot day so he was glad to be out of that tight soccer kit. The muscly stud finished up the shoot buy drenching his naked body in some cold water. I don't think I have met anyone as laid back as Hunter. He was so easy going about trying new things. This was his first time getting naked outside and being photographed naked by another guy. Later we headed back to my apartment to film him jacking off on my bed.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Czech streets are not a safe place to roam anymore! Enjoy!

The unexpected has become reality! Czech streets are not a safe place to roam anymore! A young couple with a camera approaches other Czech couples and offers them money for sex! Right on a street! An innocent chat ends up with wild fucking in the public. Amateurs are first jolted when the couple offers them that they would join them. A foursome in the public! Everyone is fucking with everyone. This is the ultimate perversity! This is a world primacy! Money, emotions, and fidelity testing. Not everybody can cope with it and good smacks land on cheaters’ faces! Czech couples are fucking right on the street! They would do anything for money! This is pure reality! The mind boggles.

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