Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Bosses are fucking pissed! 🔥

At CMNM.net, slick businessman Marc has been betting with company funds and the bosses are fucking pissed. Firing or suing him isn't enough. What are they going to do with this sorry cunt? They turn him into a piece of meat performing for their entertainment. With increasingly degrading levels of humiliation Marc must stand in the centre of these high powered men stripping and performing for their pervy amusement.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Muscle jock naked physical inspection! 💪

At TheCastingRoom.net, you know jocks? Athletes? I wonder what’s more important? The love of sports, or the love of looking down at themselves and thinking “I fucking fancy the arse off myself”? Dominic is a case in point. He’s so fit and handsome he obviously has no trouble getting all the attention he wants, and undoubtedly more besides. Now he wants to turn that into earnings. As far as we’re concerned he’s forgotten that just being fit and handsome isn’t enough, you also have to perform. Let’s just say that his audition is the beginning of the journey for Dominic. For now let’s take in his naked innocence…while it lasts.

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