Saturday, October 16, 2021

Desperate hole! 🔥💯

Sometimes it's a surprise where the bitches be. We got this new dealer one of the bros found and we pooled our cash for the shit, but he heard about how we fuck and wanted in. Soon as he walked in all he wanted was our dicks. Shit man, always a bonus to get a random cock slut in between rush season. He went around the room, made sure he got inches to match what he gave us. Gotta love being a bro in a town full of bitches!
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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Embarrased wanker! 💦

Declan has always been a bit of a loner at this job. He doesn't get on well with his boss or the guys he works alongside. The only pleasure he has during the day are moments he steals in the toilet cubicle where he can watch his favourite porn and beat off. But these stints away from the job haven't gone unnoticed and a couple of the guys are determined to find out what this sexy bastard gets up to. They unexpectedly get a very revealing look at their aloof and stern colleague...

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